Semantics Cycling Zine - Vol 5


Image of Semantics Cycling Zine - Vol 5

Volume 5 of Semantics is here to end 2023 with a bang.

As always, it’s an A5 16 page black & white zine amateurly written, professionally printed but this time we've got a fancy cover and colour photos!

We get to know Louemans, a procycling cartoonist who is responsible for all the illustrations in the zine.

We also go back in time to look at the 'Super Worlds' in a bit more detail and I chat to a couple of people who were part of the whole spectacle.

Finally, I wax lyrical about my love of the breakaway.

Each copy of the zine comes with a custom sticker also designed by Louemans.

Free shipping in the UK, everywhere else in the world is an extra £2.